Positive Behaviour Engaging Learning

At Arcadia Public School we practise Positive Behaviour Engaging Learning principles.  PBEL provides an operational framework of the best evidence-based practices for improving academic and behavioural outcomes for all students.

Our PBEL program is based on a school-wide set of three clear values and expectations which apply across the school in every circumstance and setting. These are known as The Arcadian Way.

Show Respect

  • Listen to others
  • Speak nicely to others
  • Ask before you borrow things
  • Keep your hands to yourself

Be Responsible

  • Follow instructions
  • Be cooperative
  • Take ownership of your actions


Do your

Personal Best

  • Give your best effort
  • Be punctual and ready to learn
  • Be a positive role model

Teachers issue minis recognising and encouraging students’ successful practice of these expectations. These are frequent and tangible rewards accompanied by verbal praise. The students glue their minis into a personal awards book which is maintained as a record of the positive behaviours they have demonstrated throughout the year. Students’ progress through the following levels until they reach Gold level.

20 minis = 1 Bronze

60 minis = 3 Bronze = 1 Silver

120 minis = 2 Silver = 1 Gold